In preparing to update to 42.2, I'm a bit disturbed by the icons-only task manager.

The main thing is that when more than one window is open for an application, the icon is totally obscured by the big green + overlay.

I've figured out this is tied to the openSUSE desktop theme, but I'm not sure if I should file a bug, or if not having any idea what the icons are is deemed to be a feature.

Apart from the appearance, this appears to be missing a lot of configuration options that this plasmoid had in KDE4.
I'd personally like options for configuring 'group-click' behaviour: previously there were options for Present Windows effect (now the default), Minimize/Restore, and Show Popup Menu. The option I'd really like is 'Walk Through Windows of Current Application', so that each click on a group icon activates the next window in the stack for the application (like the now-default Alt+` shortcut).
This works really well for me, as I can cycle the windows without needing to reposition the mouse. (I am presently using this method with dockbarx and in windows with a registry tweak - regressing to having to move your mouse and click a second time feels very slow...).

If anyone can advise a solution/alternative (or point me at a relevant feature request pathway for icontasks), that would be great.