Today there was an update (v24.0.0) to flash that breaks a program that
displays images from a file directory in a special format (it is a
scientific viewer used for work, so dumping flash once and for all is not
a choice I can make right now).

The previous version ( works fine (tested in a laptop
which I have not updated yet). I know that it is closing a loophole to
prevent executing files in a local folder. However while in windows there
seems to be a way to allow this in the new versions, but I have no idea
if a similar setting can be done in Leap 42.2.
Although I know it might not be a good idea, can somebody help with

1) Does anybody know where can I find the just-previous version of flash
( in rpm form? Going into Yast, shows only the latest
version from the packman repo.

Many thanks for any clues!