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Thread: Flash v 11.2.202?

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    On Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:16:02 +0000, hcvv wrote:
    > Nice you have found (some sort of) solution.
    > You seem to use NNTP to access the forums. That means that you
    > circumvent the obligatory choosing of an openSUSE version when you start
    > a new thread. Can you please next time give it a prominent place in your
    > thread title? It is now somewhere halfway your explanation and thus
    > unknown when people use the titles of new threads to see if they can
    > help and it is unknown when starting reading the text.

    Oh, sorry I was not aware of such requirement. I did mention Leap 42.2 in
    my first post, but not in the Subject. I see the logic for this now.
    Thank for letting me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fraser_Bell View Post
    Hmmm. In 13.1, you can find the settings in Configure Desktop->Personal Information.
    The settings came with "flash-player-kde" (if I remember correctly). But now there's a "flash-player-gnome" but there isn't a KDE equivalent. So I think the settings mentioned are available only with Gnome (and perhaps XFCE and other desktops that use Gnome applications).
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