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Thread: Ktorrent Empty Folder names when creating new torrent

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    Default Ktorrent Empty Folder names when creating new torrent

    I am on OpenSuse tumbleweed and I am having issues with Ktorrent 5.01.

    Every single time I upload a new torrent from a folder, the main folder name becomes empty

    like so

    The torrent name in Ktorrent also becomes empty, but I manually renamed it to the torrent file name.

    I tried making the same torrent in Transmission, so I know its not an issue with the data.


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    Default Re: Ktorrent Empty Folder names when creating new torrent

    Your problem description makes little sense to me,

    First, oftentimes people interchange what is meant when saying "torrent" -- It can be the torrent file (.torrent), it can be the file being transferred, you might even be describing an internal file management issue that has little to do with transferring capability of the torrent applications.

    It can make a difference if you're talking about what happens when creating a torrent file (.torrent) or publishing that file or if you mean something else,

    Especially when you use the word "uploading" -- Are you talking about your pushing a file to some remote machine? And, again, exactly what are you "uploading" to? The way you used "uploading" I get the feeling that you're actually talking about the local file system in some way, and then the question is what you really are referring to because ordinarily Torrent Users download files and rarely upload files... Although if you are seeding, then yes... you are exclusively uploading.

    Even if as your subject line suggests a torrent file is being created, you need to describe exactly what step you're havibg the problem.

    So, you need to use torrent P-P terminology accurately or describe exactly what you mean in your own words in better detail.

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    Default Re: Ktorrent Empty Folder names when creating new torrent

    I am creating a .torrent file in Ktorrent and adding it to a tracker. The .torrent file that Ktorrent creates does not store any information about the name of the File Folder that I am seeding. When a leacher downloads the Torrent, they only recieve the sub-folders and files without the main top folder that I added.

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