Dear Friends,

I have no time sadly to go to OpenSuSE conferences. It brakes my heart by sadly i can not attend.
But I would like to raise an issue that could make the life very interesting to OpenSuSE.
I know I am going to get some fire on this but please do so.
Your opinion is important to this idea.
I've seen a competitor distro (cof ...cof ... cof ... name starts with Ubun ... ) making their browser start on the affiliate program of theirs. (they also enabled personal data spying stuff inside on their 16 release but that's for another thread
The said distro does have an Affiliate agreement with the above mentioned online merchant.
My point is Would OpenSuSE had such agreement I would have Gladly followed OpenSuSE links and you guys would get a Kickback from my purchases.
Why not explore this EASY and Straightforward source of revenue?
It's simple, costs nothing, requires Little Works and it's done very very fast!
I've recently had to acquire some hardware, some hard drives and SSD's, and sadly the best price for those particular models were on the dreadful amazon site.
Many other vendors have online affiliate programs like that where that and give a bit of a revenue in exchange for Customer purchases.

I strongly Urge the OpenSuSE Board to think about this possibility.
As a long time Lizard fanatic I worry about the OpenSuSE project and I think this could be a very good source of revenue for OpenSuSE ... just saying ... thought about this last week when I was making the purchases.
Also of course, I must stress that not only the big merchants like Amazon have such programs ... many others exist and also I think you guys could have multiple partners to make a steady stream of revenue possible.

What do you guys think about the idea ?