I used to run LEAP 42.1, and by default it installed an option for a Plasma Wayland session in the login manager. Unfortunately, it did not work back then, giving me a black screen.

In LEAP 42.2, there isn't that option to begin with, even though I read that Plasma 5.8 supports Wayland better than the previous versions.

Could someone provide me with news relating to Wayland support?! I would prefer it to work on Plasma, but I would use it on other DEs if need be.

The main reason I want to use Wayland as soon as possible is screen tearing (especially, when playing videos in VLC), which as I understand is caused by how X works, and the limitations of its design. I looked at ways to resolve screen tearing, but the solutions I tried simply reduced the tearing, but not resolve it completely. It is worth noting that I have an NVidia video card (GTX 770), and I am using the proprietary drivers.

Any information would be appreciated about the status of Wayland, and how to configure it to work properly on my computer.