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Thread: What is the status of Wayland on LEAP 42.2?

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    Default What is the status of Wayland on LEAP 42.2?

    I used to run LEAP 42.1, and by default it installed an option for a Plasma Wayland session in the login manager. Unfortunately, it did not work back then, giving me a black screen.

    In LEAP 42.2, there isn't that option to begin with, even though I read that Plasma 5.8 supports Wayland better than the previous versions.

    Could someone provide me with news relating to Wayland support?! I would prefer it to work on Plasma, but I would use it on other DEs if need be.

    The main reason I want to use Wayland as soon as possible is screen tearing (especially, when playing videos in VLC), which as I understand is caused by how X works, and the limitations of its design. I looked at ways to resolve screen tearing, but the solutions I tried simply reduced the tearing, but not resolve it completely. It is worth noting that I have an NVidia video card (GTX 770), and I am using the proprietary drivers.

    Any information would be appreciated about the status of Wayland, and how to configure it to work properly on my computer.

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    Default Re: What is the status of Wayland on LEAP 42.2?

    I can't really tell you what's the status of wayland on Leap 42.2 as I don't use it but I can however point you to the screen tearing fix for Nvidia proprietary drivers.
    As of 365.20 drivers, Nvidia added toggles for Force Composition Pipeline and Force Full Composition Pipeline in nvidia-settings utility that ships with the driver.
    Check the attached screenshot on where to find this setting:
    Note that it's hidden under 'Advanced...' button.
    In my experience, having this option enabled removes any screen tearing artifacts in openGL accelerated Plasma, games and video playback. I actually have Tearing prevention setting of Plasma compositor (System settings - Displays - Compositor) set to 'never', because the nvidia driver fully takes care of screen tearing. In case you are using an older driver version, I would recommend upgrading it. There is a way to add option this to xorg.conf Screen section for older driver, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially when updating your driver is so simple to do on Leap.

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    Default Re: What is the status of Wayland on LEAP 42.2?

    pmargeti34, thank you for your suggestion. I have tried your solution, and will report if it completely fixes my issue.

    The solution I was using was to enable the triple buffering option, which in the old drivers seemed to do a better (but not perfect) job than the full composting pipeline option. I did not revisit that choice since.

    On a side note, I have the 367.57 driver, and the said options aren't visible where they should. I had to enable them using the xorg.conf file.

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