CPU is Intel i7-3***. There is no GPU on the dye. Has four cores. Hyperthreading is disabled. I have worked, though much less, in Windows in the same computer with Nvidia driver installed. Don't remember crashes. I have no reasons to suspect a defect in RAM.

The graphics card is a low-powered Nvidia, not ancient. Installation of the latest driver from Nvidia's web site went without problems.

RAM is 16 GB. Swap's size is 22 GB.

I update both by running Apper and via Yast. Usually I run one of them once a day, manually. I will add 'zypper update' into the routine.

Crashes happened, for example, when I was:

- Adjusting sound level.
- Configuring Panel (crashed twice).
- Started an application which tried to create its window. (This crash was not deadly.)