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Thread: What is your daily dose of KDE crashes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZStefan View Post
    I am curious to learn how often do the kwin_x11 and similar crash in your computer, assuming you work daily, and update regularly.
    Well at the moment I still use Manjaro, but that will change after the current holiday. I plan to install Tumbleweed, cause it fits Manjaro unstable. Why they use that name is a riddle cause it is extremely stable. Crashes on my desktop with an 8-core AMD CPU, 16GB ram and an SDD, and on my laptop with a p6100 Pentium CPU with 4GB ram and the same type SSD never happens. Still I like to start using Tumbleweed. Hope the score stays as high as it is now.

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    I am happy to report I can't remember the last crash on Tumbleweed. It just works for me. Rock solid.

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