I'm having trouble with the touchpad on my XPS 13, bought in November 2016. I'm running Tumbleweed. The touchpad is way too sensitive, and doesn't seem to respond to palm detection settings. In the System Settings ("Configure Desktop") tool, Hardware > Input Devices > Touchpad Settings, all options under the "Sensitivity" tab are grayed out and disabled. Similarly, under the "Pointer Motion" tab, the settings under "Pressure-Dependent Motion" are disabled. Under the "Enable/Disable Touchpad" tab, checking "Disable touchpad while typing" and changing the "timeout" settings seems to have no effect. I can still type keys with one hand, and use my palm to move the mouse around or effect a tap and reposition the cursor.

I'm not that adept technically, but I'd like to know what the underlying packages and settings are that are being changed by the graphic tool "Touchpad Settings." I don't know if it's libinput, or synaptics, or something else. I'd like to know what file is being altered (if any) when I change these options, and why sensitivity options are not enabled. Any advice? I'm going crazy with this cursor-jumping and window-changing, no matter how carefully I type. Other than that, I love my machine and Tumbleweed.