Hi all,
Hi Ferdinand as maintainer of repo "server:php:applications",

I want to start using typo3 on my OpenSuse Leap 42.2 VPS, and recognized that our OpenSuse packaged versions are somewhat outdated:

  • Packages for OpenSuse only exists up to 6.2 LTS,
  • current version is 7.6
  • version 8 to come early 2017

OpenSuse pkgs install source to /usr/share/typo3.

QUESTION: If I take the current version ".tar.gz" source file from TYPO3.ORG directly, as there are symlinks etc. needed later on, what would be a good install location, to avoid conflicts, if maybe in future OpenSuse Pkgs might be more up2date?
Would /usr/local/src/typo3 be a good choice?