Hi, I'm new here and hope that this is a good place to post a bug, the bugzilla route is a bit over my head at least for the time being. My g73 laptop fails to boot with this device plugged-in, or it core dumps or outright resets if I plug it in after opensuse 13.2 or tumbleweed has already booted.


3 large files I see no way to attach or to paste in below th emessage.
5kB lsmod : g73-tw-bootedwith-lsmod-modinuse.txt
67kB dmesg: g73-tw-bootedwith-dmesg-modinuse.txt
865kB hwinfo: g73-tw-bootedwith-hwinfo-modinuse.txt

It so happens that I lucked-in on the 'very rare' event where I can get the unit to NOT crash on boot with it already plugged-in, thus the pasted files. Discussion on the TW mailing list suggested that this may be a nouveau issue. I'd be very happy if I could resolve it.