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Thread: Openvas setup fails

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    Quote Originally Posted by grishi111 View Post
    'openvas-administrator' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
    No provider of 'openvas-administrator' found.

    how to install openvas-administrator?
    OR i am in wrong direction?
    If I wasn't clear in my previous post, you have to run "openvas-setup" as the first big step to installing openvas which includes installing the openvas-management. Then, you should repeatedly run the script "" until every issue is identified and resolved.

    If you're asking about the Adminstrator User Account, create the User as I described, whether you specify the Administrator role or not, it will be given Adminstrator privileges.

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    Default Re: Openvas setup fails

    Quote Originally Posted by tsu2 View Post
    It appears that inserting quotes before expansion is not possible as you say.
    The likely authoritative source for describing the order in which BASH processes the command, the argument, any quotes and any expansions is described here
    Well, authoritative is of course the man page. But man pages are not always easy to understand and it is nice you found a tutorial that helps you.
    Henk van Velden

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