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    I'm just installed OpenSuse leap42.2 and it's amazing! A lot better than my last distro (linux mint ), but as in all distros tested by me there is minor bugs with app (most of them are KDE related).
    But sleep mode is not working correctly. Machine is suspending correctly, power indicator show "sleep mode" but after turning on, laptop is just doing a normal boot Hibernate mode works great but is so slow at restoring data from disk to memory :/

    Is there some solution ?

    My laptop is Hp 6450.

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    What button are you using when you come out of sleep? If you're using the power button, try using something like cap locks or the arrow keys instead; something that won't be detrimental. It sounds like you're using the power button which is telling the computer to shut down instead of come from sleep. I could be wrong, but I think I've seen behavior like that before.
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