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Thread: Kde application population

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    Unhappy Kde application population

    When I install new programs in leap, they don't show up in the kde menu anywhere. What's up with that? I tried Idle for Python, codeblocks, etc. Even programs that I chose to install at installation don't appear in the menu anyplace.

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    Hello, welcome here.

    I do not know which programs you mean (you do not really mention them), but they will of course only get an item in the start menu of your GUI desktop when they are GUI programs.

    When they aren't, you just call them by name from the shell (e.g. from bash in a terminal emulator program of the GUI like Konsole for KDE).
    Henk van Velden

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    I've seen it where some GUI applications don't appear in the menus. I tend to create my own icons in those cases. OP, can you let us know which ones specifically are missing from your menu?
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