Hi OpenSuse Familie,

I wonder how I could get clonezilla installed on my opensuse installation.

Also, a little history:

First I must admit, for a reason i don't know myself just didn't like OpenSuse, maybe it is the EULA screen greeting me, reminding on Micro$oft.

But, after i installed it, I also installed PlayOnLinux, and World of Tanks.

(World of Tanks liked to crash after 10 games latest)

I had done this on Arch, Antergos, Xubuntu etc. not much success.

Best running was on Antergos KDE until I installed opensuse 42.2 KDE and I must say, not even a single crash for 2 days and hours of playing.

I am very impressed!

KDE on OpenSuse Leap 42.2 is more snappy and the system is actually very very stable. (I am new to KDE, XFCE was my environment for half of my life)

First I wanted to remove it after install, but it seems to keep that place as main OS on my PC.

How would you update when the number changes? I loved the rolling Arch release, also for the huge amount of software available.

Sadly the installer chose XFS for my home partition and I rather had ext4 or BTRFs.