good day dear opensuse-experts,

i have some issues with the usage /work with a base (libreoffice) database.

note: i run opensuse 13.2

i get the error message: Multiple Java Applications accessing one HSQLDB causes app to ...

missing .... Class.forName("org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver")

well - i think that i need to run base HyperSQL - hsqldb

i think that i have to take care for the prerequisites: HyperSQL can provide database access within the user's application .... the database path is a Java

questions: what do i need to do to get able to work with the LibreOffice .odb file
note: i run opensuse 13.2

do i have to do some further installations - eg some things HSQL database or the Java class path in Tools->Options->Java to the new hsqldb.jar.

love to hear from you