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Thread: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

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    Default Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    A friend of mine bought a new HP laptop (model X7T59UA#ABA) that has an Intel HD graphics card in it (It has been said it is a: dated: 6/13/2016). This laptop also has UEFI. I was able to install Leap 42.1 alongside of Windows 10 that came with the laptop. During boot in legacy mode, got to the Grub screen and selected to run Leap 42.1. What appears soon afterwards are white blotches on the first 4 rows of the screen. Totally unreadable. I have used this same installation DVD on other machines without problems. Note that during the installation that I had to use the "No KVM" option on the install otherwise I ended up with a blank screen and no installation dialog.

    Any ideas on how to correct this?

    Ultimately I would like to run Xen or some other virtual machine.


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    Default Re: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    Can you please advise why you have installed opensuse using legacy mode rater than efi?

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    Default Re: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    I am not familiar with efi. And this is the first machine I've encountered it.

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    Default Re: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    Bad idea to mix EFI and MBR (legacy) booting

    But it appears the problem may be video related. Also be sure the downloaded iso checksum matches the public published one for that IS. Also if the installed via DVD run the check disk option to be certain of a good burn.

    Assuming a good install and all checksums match at grub boot try booting using a generic driver

    At boot press e find line starting linux or liniuxefi go to true end (it wraps) add a space and nomodeset press F10 to continue boot this will force generic drivers

    Also exactly what processor in the machine

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    Default Re: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    I did do a check of the installation media and the results were "No errors found."

    To test the DVD I had to again set the video mode to "No KMS".

    The installed CPU is a "Intel 3710" @ 1600Mhz.

    You say to press e at boot. Is this at the grub menu? If so there is no line starting with "linux" or "linuxefi". I have selected to start Linux and tried both the letter "e" and "esc" and in both cases still ended up with gibberish on the screen.

    Is there some documentation on how to install Leap 42.1 with UEFI?

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    Default Re: Problems running Lep 42.1 on HP laptop

    General notes:

    A nice blog detailing practical steps involved with installing Leap and UEFI...

    This advice might be helpful as well...

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