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Thread: Add space from one partition to another

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    Default Add space from one partition to another


    using enfuse I usually run into memory problems (huge temporary files I believe). My filesystem is 10gb and my home is about 107gb. I'd like to add another 10gb to my filesystem partition from my home one, but I'm afraid to play with gparted.

    I found this guide (, but I'd like to know if it would be safe so I don't lose any data (even though it's backed up)

    My scheme if you're curious.


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    Default Re: Add space from one partition to another

    For any operations involving the OS itself (ie the root partition), I generally and highly recommend using GParted Live instead of gparted installed in the OS.

    By booting to a gparted lived cd (or usb), your disk operations are immediate and do not conflict with any running processes, so IMO all disk operations are safer and simpler.

    This is the general description with a link to the iso

    As described in the above link, you're highly advised to make a working backup (and several backup apps are listed).
    I think I have had only one bad experience in over a decade using GParted Live.

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    Done and running!

    I did the backup; create the usb with Gparted; followed the instructions and it couldn't be easier. I haven't run into low memory error again, so It worked.

    I'm ready for LEAP 42.2

    Thanks TSU!

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