I have been trying to get my system (openSUSE Leap 42.1) to update silently with no luck. I find the automatic updates applet in KDE to be annoying, so I have disabled it from the system tray settings. I also have the "Automatic Online Update" in YaST enabled and set to update daily and configured to skip interactive patches and agree with licenses.

However, the automatic updates is not working. A couple of weeks after turning off the applet, I turned it back on just to make sure that the system has been updating as expected, however, I was surprised to find numerous updates waiting to be installed. I also reviewed the package installation history in "/var/log/zypp/history", and found that no package updates happened in that period of time.

I have tried turning the automatic updates off and then back on, and repeating the experiment for another week, but I got the same results. No updates happen, and the KDE updates applet shows a lot of updates that need to be installed.

What could be the problem? And how can I diagnose it or verify that it got fixed?

It might be worthy to note that I am using my system as a desktop, and I tend to turn on the PC as soon as I wake up, and turn it off when I go to sleep. So, it gets a decent amount of powered on time, but it is shutdown daily.