I am not exactly sure what to call my problem. On my desktop I usually have two graphical sessions running, and switch back and forth with ctrl-alt-f7 & f8. From time to time, when I go to switch sessions, I will find myself at a login prompt. Sometimes it is the session at f7 that dies, other times f8. I have not been able to determine if a single application is causing the issue, as a couple times the session I was going to had no applications other than the DM running.

The error is very inconsistent also in that I can go days without an issue, then it will "decide" to have a bad day and crash every other time I switch back and forth, then "behave" again for a few days without restarting the system.

I am running Leap 42.1, Unity 5 on both sessions and using KDM. The system has an nVidia 8800gt and is running driver version 340.98 downloaded from nVidia.