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Thread: installing vmware on opensuse

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    Default installing vmware on opensuse

    I tried installing vmware workstation player on opensuse leap 42.1 with xfce.

    I downloaded the bundle VMware-Player-12.5.1-4542065.x86_64.bundle

    Than changed the properties of the by right-clicking the file and choosing "allow this file to run as program".
    Next, form the downloads folder, in terminal I ran:
    sudo sh ./VMware-Player-12.5.1-4542065.x86_64.bundle

    The installation process seemed to work.
    An vmware player icon shortcut appeared in the system menu.

    When clicking the new shortcut icon I got a message:
    Kernel Headers 4.1.27-27-default
    Kernel headers for version 4.1.27-27-default were not found. if you installed them in non-default path you can specify the path below. Otherwse refer to your distribution documentation .....

    Now I saw a similar message in the guide

    But there were only instructions for Redhat and Debian, not for opensuse.
    So How to proceed with the installation of vmware?

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: installing vmware on opensuse

    Need to install the kernel-devel package for to get the header source

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    Default Re: installing vmware on opensuse

    I installed
    patterns-openSUSE-devel_kernel - Linux Kernel Development
    Tools for Linux kernel development.

    I ran vmware and got the same error message.

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