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    Hi, ever since first time installing Leap I have this problem - every update is slowly consuming my hard drive's free space. I have system on a 30GB partition and after a clean install, it took less than 10GB including some basic video/audio editing tools. Since then I installed about 5 small programs and added repos for KDE+framework updates which I keep updating a few times a month. Yesterday I had 3,5GB free and after today's update it's 750MB free space of 30GB hard drive.
    So I guess that my system is keeping all the updates files from the past and not deleting them after updating. And my question is - is there an easy way to find and remove these 20GB of unneeded out-of-date files, most of them probably related to KDE+framework?
    Thanks for all advices in advance

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    If you use btrfs, a snapshot of the current system is created before and after installing updates.
    That's done to be able to easily revert updates if there would be problems.

    You can inspect and manage snapshots in YaST->Snapper, or with the "snapper" command line tool.

    Although they should get cleaned up periodically too.

    The recommended minimum size for / is 40GiB with btrfs btw.

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    You can modify the number of snap shots kept. 30 gig is marginal for the root partition using BTRFS and snapper. You can also turn off snapper and manually remove snapshots.

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    Thanks, that did the trick

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