I have been struggling to find info on the subject of how to run php7 and php5 in parallel for different vhosts using apache. The idea is to be able to test one application written for php5 in parallel with its newer version which needs php7. I have been told by someone that using php-fpm is the preferred option for this and it would work flawlessly but the guy uses nginx and couldn't give info about Apache. Unfortunately I couldn't find much info on the subject myself, at least not something clear.

So far the only thing I have done is:

php5 - I have had this installed for a long time, no problems whatsoever

I installed additionally:

- php5-fpm
- apache2-mod_fastcgi
- found php7 and php7-fpm on devel:languages:php and planning to install it (unless someone recommends a better option) as it seems php7 is not part of the standard Leap repositories.

But before going any further I tried to look for more info. The only source which was close to openSUSE was this one (and the following page on the same site) but sadly the info there is not quite explanatory. For example they don't explain why one should do:

chmod 1733 /var/lib/php5
when actually on my Leap 42.1 system I have:

drwxr-xr-x 2 wwwrun root 4096 Jul 21 01:19 /var/lib/php5//
The next page which describes the php-fpm configuration also seems incomplete and inaccurate. There are references to directories and files which don't exist on the system and the links to docs for more info lead to the site of fastcgi.com which is closed. So I am kind of stuck without good docs.

Can someone please help me with that?