My KDE login GUI hangs after I enter in my credentials and attempt to login. It will usual look like it is going to load, then my cursor will disappear and the system seems to become unresponsive. I can sit there for several minutes and nothing will change.

However, if I switch to any terminal screen (ctrl + alt + f6) and then switch back to the GUI, things will have loaded fine. What SEEMS to be happening is that the system logs in correctly, but the screen never refreshes until I change to the terminal and back to the GUI. Every now and then (like, maybe every 10th time), the login will work properly, no workaround needed.

Any thoughts? The problem started maybe 1-2 months ago...after I found a workaround, I haven't gotten around to reporting it, but figured since the problem hasn't worked itself out yet, I'd see if anyone knows what is up. There is a part of me that things the problem may have started around the time lightdm was adopted, but that may be me just trying to pass the blame somewhere.