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    How do I install Ice from peppermint Linux in Opensuse 42.1? If it matters I'm running the xfce desktop. I've scowerd google and the Opensuse forums for hours and found installs for Arch and Ubuntu but nothing for Opensuse. Any help would be appreciated Thanks. Alternative programs would be OK if it's not available.

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    Hi and welcome to the openSUSE forums
    You mean this?

    If it is, try the SLE 12 rpms, in theory should work fine, else they have the src rpms which can be rebuilt locally and installed...
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    Thank you for replying to my post. The keys imported fine but the terminal refuses to use them. Ice is not a must have but it's a nice addon. I installed Opensuse on an extra partition mostly for media. There latest version still has a few minor bugs to work out but it handles audio and video extremely well.

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    That's not the ice the op is referring to...

    Is this one...

    According to the Read Me File, it's only for Debian Based systems, but it has been running on Arch for a while. I don't know if it will work on OpenSUSE...

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