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Thread: Software Updates notification sound(s)

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    Default Software Updates notification sound(s)

    I'm not sure if this is in the correct forum, please move if not....

    I was wondering if there is a way to silence those annoying sounds when the "Software Updates" app (is it still "Apper"?) pops up. It works fine, I just hate that sound it makes.

    Edit: I'm using Plasma 5 desktop
    Desktop : Leap 15.1 | KDE Plasma | AMD Phenom II x6 1035T | 8 GB Memory | Integrated Radeon HD4250 | Ext4
    Laptop: Leap 15.1 | KDE Plasma | Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 3320M 2.6GHz | Intel HD Graphics 4000 | 8 GB Memory | Ext4

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    Default Re: Software Updates notification sound(s)

    I don't use the updater at all, but IIRC check the settings in

    systemsettings5 > Notifications > Plasma Shell.....

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