Hi there,

as my standard volume (root & co.) is only 35GB, which is already bigger than the suggested value during installation. But as many programs don't ask the user in which location they should be installed, they start to clog this volume and I want to install Flightgear somewhere else.

But unfortunately it does not support to choose an installation location during the installation process.

Looking into the FlightGear wiki I found 3 environment variables which should solve this problem:

So I decided to try to set those variables, which I ha to find out, should in OpenSuse set in /etc/profile.local

To be on the save side, I restarted the OS and tried to


and ... got nothing !!! The Env. Vars were not set .... and the OpenSusee installation of FlightGear did not install where I want it to be.

So can someone here explain me under which circumstances OpenSuse is willing to process the profile.local file and set those variables ?

Or is there a new file / location for user defined environment variables in Leap or ... ?

TIA, Joe