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Thread: KMail doesn't synchronize with GMail properly

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    Default KMail doesn't synchronize with GMail properly

    Greetings to OpenSUSE community!

    Recently my KMail suddenly stopped to update my GMail box. To get new letters I have to restart Akonadi. Otherwise I can't see new mails in KMail (Gmail web interface shows them). Pressing "Check Mail" button doesn't help, seems that Akonadi restart is the only way to synchronize with GMail now.

    I can't remember when exactly KMail started to fail, but it was 1-2 days ago.

    Did anyone have/had the same problems? Is there any workaround for that? Please, help.

    Best regards,

    OS: OpenSUSE 13.2 64 bit, KDE 4.14.9

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    Default Re: KMail doesn't synchronize with GMail properly

    Sorry, for disturbance, I have figured out. Surprisingly, everything started to work fine after I have cleaned trash bin. Seems I had too much stuff in trash bin and Akonadi couldn’t synchronize my GMail account. That's strange but at least everything works now.

    Best regards,

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