Hi all,
does anybody know what is the current status of Openchange relating to Akonadi?

From what I read, it seems Openchange could solve all problems of connecting to a corporate MS Exchange server, without all the hacks one tipically needs to get the job done (e.g. using Davmail).

It seems there has been a fairly good amount of work on Openchange and Akondai around 2009, but I do not find anything recent and I don't find a related resource in current Akonadi. Do not confuse Openchange with OpenXchange which is a completely different beast (and it does have an Akonadi resource: akonadi_openxchange_resource).

I have read a few articles saying that it would have landed by KDE 4.3 (e.g. this one), but instead it seems to have completely vanished from the radar. The Openchange home page however reports of a fairly recent release (in mid-2015).

Does anybody have more infos?

Thank you in advance.