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Thread: scrollbar in xfce4-terminal disappeared

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    Default scrollbar in xfce4-terminal disappeared

    In some recent update of Tumbleweed I lost the scroll bar in xfce4-terminal. I don't know if this is a related problem, but the drop-down menus look rather crummy too with all menu titles butted up against each other with no space in between. Also check-boxes don't have lines drawn around them (very confusing!) and the overall appearance of the graphics is rather primitive (if you pardon my vague language...).

    I checked and in Edit -> Preferences it still says "Scrollbar is: On the right side" but it is simply not there. I tried changing the scrollbar to the left to no avail. Any ideas how I can get a better experience?

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    Default Re: scrollbar in xfce4-terminal disappeared

    Anybody? I would really love to get this fixed!

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    Default Re: scrollbar in xfce4-terminal disappeared

    I'm having a similar problem in Leap/KDE with Firefox. The scroll bar (slider) sometimes vanishes although if I point the mouse at the right spot, scrolling still works. I also have the same problem as you do with check boxes. It's as if the slider and other parts take on the colour of the background.

    I've tried changing the window theme and colour scheme but it's still happening. Rebooting does nothing and the fault seems to happen randomly.

    I started a message about it yesterday (title - Problem with Firefox scroll bar) but like you have had no replies so far.

    The rest of it, text etc does not seem to be affected.
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    Default Re: scrollbar in xfce4-terminal disappeared

    In my case the scrollbar is really gone, not just invisible. It is also 100% reproducible.

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