Ok... I am having an issue with the Firefox browser.
When I first booted up the browser, I started setting it up the way I like it.
Example, removing some icons from the right side of the toolbar and adding
what I want there. Then... what I do is enable the book marks bar and
drag it up into the address bar row and then disable the toolbar. This gives
me more screen real estate, as I feel Firfox's tool bar is too large. My
current monitor on this system is only 19". So I need all the space I can

I will include a screenshot of the way I set up the toolbar.

The problem is... once I get it all set up, if I reboot the system, Firefox
reverts back to default upon start up of the new session.

I'm thinking this may have something to do with KDE (I don't know...)
This did happen on Mint KDE, as well.

Any ideas on how to fix this?