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    Default Yahoo weather widget

    I keep trying Leap 42.1 periodically but for one reason or another I go back to 13.2. One of these reasons is the weather plasmoids available for Leap. One that seemed to work initially (meaning after Leap was first released) was the Yahoo weather widget. Shortly afterward, and to the present as far as I can tell, it fails to work, giving only a "Please check network connection" error. Since I don't see any other complaints about this either here or on the Internet in general, I wonder if it's a problem on my end, although I have no other network issues. Any other experience with this, or fixes?

    This is on KDE, by the way.
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    Are you using a wireless connection via NetworkManager by chance?

    A "user connection" (as is the default in NetworkManager) likely won't be up already when the desktop (and the weather applet) is started, as it is only established when the user logs in.

    If that's the case, switching to a "system connection" ("Allow other users to connect") should help, as the system connects during boot then already.
    Be sure to also save the password system-wide then by clicking on the small "disk" icon in the password field (may be invisible/unreachable, to "fix" that, maximize or resize the window)

    Plasma5 has its own weather applet again in 5.6.0, but Leap 42.1 only contains 5.5.5.
    You could upgrade Plasma to the latest version via additional repos though.

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