I'm confused about repositories priorities, I thought a repository with lower priority would be used only in case there's no the same package in a repository with higher priority but this doesn't seem to be the case.
For example, I need package "python-gnomekeyring" which can only be found in the GNOME Factory repository. I added it with priority 80 just to install that package, but I realized that a lot of other packages have been upgraded to a newer version from Factory, instead of keeping stable (and lower) versions from Main Repositories with priority 99.
I would like to keep my system stable and I don't care to have the latest versions from Factory. After some search I understand that I should have removed GNOME Factory repository soon after the python-gnomekeyring install, but what if there's an important update of that package and I cannot get it because I removed the repository?
Is there some config I'm missing so that all those packages that have been updated from Factory can be downgraded from Main repositories and keep staying updated ONLY from the stable Main repositories?