I am having a strange problem with userid's and connecting using an SFTP client. I am new to this forum, have some unix/linux experience, and can usually figure stuff out, but this is a weird one.

In short, using Filezilla or WINscp, it seems that userid's (and the really weird part is not all of them) 8 characters or longer will fail to connect. Drop the ID to less than 8 characters and no issues connecting. In terms of permissions, nothing was changed except the userID. In this case, I started with wyandott. That ID would not work. I deleted it, created a new account named 'wyan' and it worked. Added 2 characters to make it 'wyando' and it worked. I then added 2 more characters 'wyandott' and it failed. Changed it to 'wyandot' and it worked again. Completely baffled by this.

I can provide Filezilla logs to show what is happening if they are needed/wanted.

Again, my apologies for not knowing where to post this. And if it needs to be move, please move to the appropriate forum.