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Thread: Thunar doesn't generate video thumbnails

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    Default Thunar doesn't generate video thumbnails


    I have XFCE4.12 installed on openSUSE Tumbleweed, almost everything works perfect but video thumbnails doesn't generate. I don't know why happen this, I've installed all gstreamer, ffmpegthumbnailer, tumbler, mplayer and vlc. Thumbnails for documents and images works fine but any video thumbanils it's generated.
    I've deleted my thunar configurations, .thumbnails and .cache/thumbnails and still not work

    Anyone knows??

    PD: I don't use any XFCE repo my XFCE is from the openSUSE Tumbleweed repos

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    Default Re: Thunar doesn't generate video thumbnails

    I had this same problem with 13.1. I don't remember how I fixed the problem.

    And... I am now having the problem with 42.1. I did a re-install and now video thumbnails no longer work. I've cleared caches, installed all the codecs I could find, and installed ffmpeg thums and ffmpeg thumbnailer..

    I also switched system files to Packman.

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