I put a fresh install of tumbleweed in after changing back from ubuntu. (had to try it). Tumbleweed worked fine before and with a fresh install it still does. However after the fresh install there a numerous updates and this is where the problems begin.

I am not sure if it's plasma, KDE or what is being affected but what happens is, I cannot open Dolphin in plain or admin mode, I cannot reboot my laptop. My open windows do not look the same, buttons are square, Yast is in 2 columns, it just goes kooky. No additional programs installed, no other repositories, just a plain install. Not sure if things have changed in the past month with opensuse, KDE, QT4/5 or where this would be coming from but I cannot get Tumbleweed to work properly like it did before. Back to 13.2 till I can get this resolved

Can anyone shed some light on what the problem might be?