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Thread: Full Screen Suse in Hyper-V

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    Default Full Screen Suse in Hyper-V

    Hi I am New here...

    I have installed SUSE on my Hyper-V.. (Windows 10) now i want it in full screen.. (1366x768)...

    i have tried this..

    Install xrdp
    Allow remote desktop in firewall
    Start services xrdp
    now when i tried open it from Windows Remote Desktop showing error..

    Please help ..

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Full Screen Suse in Hyper-V

    I don't think you should be trying to connect to Localhost (

    First, determine your Guest IP address, then connect using that (typically name resolution is not set up automatically).

    You can determine the IP address a number of ways...

    Assuming your guest is on a network with a configured DHCP server,
    You can run ip addr or on systems that still support you can run ifconifg.
    If you have access to the DHCP server that is serving the Guest IP address, you can inpsect issued leases.

    Of course, if you didn't provide a DHCP server on the network your Guest is using, you need to configure a static address.
    If this is your situation, you'll need to provide some additional details about the network your Guest is using.

    The other thing is that on openSUSE 13.2, you should probably find the LEAP documentation on this topic more relevant

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    Default Re: Full Screen Suse in Hyper-V

    Hi.. Thanks for your reply..

    My guest IP address is and i am trying to connect through it.. and showing error..

    How ever my Full screen issue has been solved.. by using this..

    still not connected it from my Windows Pc..

    Kindly Advise..

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