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    Question Abiword RPM


    I installed AbiWord some months ago and I was delighted to find that it
    supported PDF files, in addition to many other file types.

    I had to re-install it a few days ago on an OpenSuSe 13.1 Linux
    installation, by using the rpm provided by OpenSuSe.

    However the PDF support, that previously worked, seems to have disappeared and the list of file types does not include PDF files.

    There is an automatically detected option when I open the file, but PDF files are not processed (Abiword displays just blank pages)

    I guess that a plugin must missing, even if I have found a pdf plugin in /usr/lib/abiword-2.8/plugins directory..

    Can you help me to add this function that for me is pretty important?

    Thank you and best regards

    Mario Pesce

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    Default Re: Abiword RPM

    Recently I received an automatic update and, after installing it, I found that everything works and that I can access PDF files without problems

    Thank you

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