I installed an additional Linux system (Leap 42.1) in previously-unused space on a drive that has a SuSE 13.2 system. Here is the configuration of the drive (from the install process drive configuration dialog and now showing in the 13.2 partitioner [less the “/” mount point in the latter]):

/dev/sde    476.94 GB

/dev/sde1       2.01 GB             Linux swap     Swap     swap    [SuSE 13.2]
/dev/sde2      99.61 GB            Linux native     Ext4      /

/dev/sde3    375.31 GB             Extended
/dev/sde5    375.31 GB       F    Linux native    BtrFS     /          [Leap 42.1]
The current version of grub2 in 13.2: 2.02~beta2-20.14.2

I took the default options in the bootloader dialog:
        . . .
        Change Location:
            Install bootcode into MBR [do not install]
            Do not install bootcode into “/” partition [do not install]
When the installation completed (with updates), the system rebooted into 13.2 but does not provide an option for 42.1 on the boot loader page. Nor is it available under the bootloader option tab in Yast2/bootloader (in the 13.2 system).

Will the command "grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg" detect and add the new system to the bootloader and grub?

Thank you.