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Thread: VLC insalling offline

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    Question VLC insalling offline

    Hi ,

    This is just a basic question
    about installing VLC media player
    its quite easy to do using zypper command
    problem is , i have two systems(desktop and laptop)
    my laptop can get connected to internet through wifi

    but for desktop i dont have option to get connected to internet(dont have wifi adapter)
    so how to install the VLC package offline

    /var/cache/zypper/RPMS has the package which will get downloaded first
    but will there be problem for dependency package

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    Default Re: VLC insalling offline

    it might be possible to copy the downloaded rpm's from your cache but I think the easiest way to go is to use vlc's repo, download the whole repo to a folder add that folder as a local repo and do a vendor change with it
    why use vlc's repo because it's much smaller then packman and while it might not get all multimedia running (like html5 in firefox or libxine2 and gstreamer based players might not work) vlc should work

    there are 2 ways to copy the vlc repo
    #1 is to get the whole dir structure from
    #2 is to get the content of these directories and
    put all rpm's in a single folder, copy that folder to your other machines and use yast to add it as a local repository and also use yast (or zypper) to do a full vendor change with that local vlc repo

    imo seeing how there has been a lot of upgrade done to LEAP I think you should find a way to connect those machines to the internet and do a system update, add packman and do a full vendor change with packman to get all of multimedia working not just vlc

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    Default Re: VLC insalling offline

    FYI you won't need the debuginfo debugsource or devel packages so the download should be relatively small, you can use a file manager with ftp support to copy those files locally (afaik all major file managers have ftp support) or use an ftp client or download them thru your browser.
    From what I can tell vlc does provide a working version of ffmpeg and libavcodec but no gstreamer so a lot of multimedia apps might act funky if you are on plasma 5 you should replace phonon-backend-gstreamer with phonon-backend-vlc to get audio working in plasma 5
    zypper rm phonon-backend-gstreamer
    zypper in phonon-backend-vlc
    you should also replace the xine version of kaffeine 1.2.2 that comes from the standard repo's with kaffeine 1.3.1 that uses libvlc (wolfi has it)
    zypper in -f

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