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Thread: Teamspeak3(Client) Leap 42.1 KDE 5.4.2

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    Default Teamspeak3(Client) Leap 42.1 KDE 5.4.2

    I'm not for sure if the above information is correct, however I've installed Teamspeak 3 successfully in the "Downloads" folders as I didn't know the install commands would make a current directory in it's current directory. Besides that, I can get navigate to the script of the Teamspeak 3 client program, and it'll work just fine.

    What I want to accomplish is to create a "shortcut" represented by an icon of my own choosing. Also, is there a way I could add this icon into my "Kickoff" menu? Is this possible?

    (I came from Mint so please bare with my knowledge or lack thereof, I prefer to switch for the power of YaST!).

    Thank you in advance for any help I may receive.

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    Default AW: Teamspeak3(Client) Leap 42.1 KDE 5.4.2

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    Default Re: Teamspeak3(Client) Leap 42.1 KDE 5.4.2

    Was searching for hours before I posted this question.. I have to say thank you again for this was far easier than anything I've done in Mint after understanding what this tool did. Thanks man!

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