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Thread: How Encrypted is it?

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    I just checked the box for disk encryption and installed Tumbleweed. Does anyone know how encrypted it is?

    I didn't/don't see any indicators of key length or anything else in Yast Partitioner or Gparted. I'm just curious if it's strongly or weakly encrypted. I gave it a nice long password, but don't really know how safe I am.

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    You can get some information (perhaps not as much as you would want) with
    # cryptsetup luksDump /dev/sdXn
    where you change that the the device name for the encrypted partition.

    I think the default is to use AES with a 256 bit key. Your passphrase is hashed and used to encrypt the AES key, though I'm not sure of the details. Also
    man cryptsetup
    might have useful information.
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    I think that command tells me the defaults are not watered down and weak.

    Thank you nrickert!

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