Hi all

I upgrade from EverGreen to Leap and experience some problems. One of them - no tightvnc as vncviewer but tigervnc. Tigervnc seems to unable use port parameter in -via option.

With 13.1 i use ( bit complicated script reads IP and port number to ssh tunnel /* and some other stuffs */ from DB, then invoke vncviewer ). Hosts have no guarantee Ip address, but connects to our server and server updates IP in DB. All machines are behind router with one port (obviously 22, but not all of them ) NATed to machine. There is snippet of invocation vncviewer :
    VNC_VIA_CMD='/usr/bin/ssh -f -i spravce_rsa -L "$L":"$H":"$R" "$G" sleep 20'
    echo "connect to display 0 of system $provo $publicIP:$port "
    vncviewer $quality -via "$publicIP -p $port" localhost:0
Is thera any way or workaround to use this snippet on Leap ?

Thanks for advises