The Epson WF-4630 is a great multifunction printer/scanner with excellent linux support. The installation of the wireless printer was very easy but having the scanner running under linux was not as easy. I was not able to find any instruction until I found a thread in this forum where deano_ferrari provided key tip to the setup. Here is a summary of all the steps I took, the ideas and words belong to deano. Big thanks deano for your invaluable help and knowledge.

Get the linux drivers from Epson site

This is a wireless scanner. Do not use Yast to install it.

1. install


I use yast to intall it from an RPM directory. I did not follow the instructions of the readme file that comes with it.

So these are the 3 files installed

iscan-network-nt without this one the nework scan will not be seen

2. Sane uses /etc/sane.d/dll.conf to decide which drivers to use for given hardware. The 'epkowa' (which serves your scanner) should be present and uncommented, so that it loads on demand.

3. sane-find-scanner

This command either root/user only works with USB connected scanners, it will not detect network connected scanners. So you do not need to use it.

4. Some extra steps are required for a network attached Epson scanner




Here are the changes for my scanner, the 2 lines are uncommented.

5. Iscan now runs OK and can see a preview of the image but .....
" there is not enough disk space for this operations"
The default file with scanned image is a "PNG" format file. Changing the file format to another format like TIFF solves the problem