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Thread: OPensuse 42.1 KDE Application Launcher

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    Default OPensuse 42.1 KDE Application Launcher

    It seems the the latest application launcher will not display single items, like help on the base level. And so many installed applications don't go anywhere eg knemo, virt-manager etc
    They all appeared in 13.2

    This looks like a pretty shaky new interface, and does not work very well at all....

    Are there some fixes for this stuff, or should I use 13.2 to be more stable

    Its very very frustrating

    Brian G

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    Default Re: OPensuse 42.1 KDE Application Launcher

    Hi Brian

    If you right click on the icon, you can switch back to the 13.2 application launcher. (There are actually three choices of application launcher.)


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