I am trying to build a custom nginx package for Ubuntu 16.04 [link to my project]. I created my gpg signed files to be uploaded using the command
debuild -S -sa -k'mygpgkey'
and uploaded
nginx_1.8.0-1ppa~xenial.debian.tar.xz, nginx_1.8.0-1ppa~xenial.dsc, nginx_1.8.0-1ppa~xenial_source.build, nginx_1.8.0-1ppa~xenial_source.changes, nginx_1.8.0.orig.tar.xz
After the file upload repository of Ubuntu 16.04 displayed an error unreloved, "nothing provides dh-systemd(>=1.5)". Later I included the
package too in the
file but it didn't helped.

If anyone can please help me how can I get dh-systemd(>=1.5) installed in my Ubuntu 16.04 repository's test machine, then it would be a great help.

Thank you in advance.