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Thread: Login as IceWM, not lightdm

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    Default Login as IceWM, not lightdm

    Hi there

    Upon installing openSUSE, I selected Minimal X Window, but I also selected the MATE desktop for installation.
    I though openSUSE would automatically recognize this and make lightdm as my default login manager and MATE as Desktop Environment, but that's not the case, the system starts IceWM instead (which I hate).

    How can I make lightdm as default? On Arch all it takes is "systemctl enable lightdm", but it doesn't work here. Yes, I have lightdm installed.


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    Default Re: Login as IceWM, not lightdm

    It's the DISPLAYMANAGER="xdm" line in "/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager. Change that "xdm" to "lightdm", but first make sure that "lightdm" is installed (should be at "/usr/sbin/lightdm").

    You can actually use:

    Yast --> System --> /etc/sysconfig editor --> Desktop --> Display Manager
    and click on DISPLAYMANAGER

    or use "vi".
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    Default Re: Login as IceWM, not lightdm

    Thanks, that did it

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