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    There's an ongoing discussion in several forums because of an issue revealed in this article
    basically Ubuntu wont support all programs in their repositories for the lifetime of the LTS releases, some will only get 9 months, others 3 years, others the full 5 years.

    How about OpenSuse? Will OSS/non OSS all programs be patched all the way to end-of-life of the OS? And would that apply to semi official repos like KDE or Gnome ones?

    Thanks in advance.

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    with the introduction of LEAP openSUSE offers 18 month support only for packages in the oss and non_oss repositories, they do not offer support for 3rd party packages that's up to the 3rd party builders.
    afaik LEAP's introduction was the death of evergreen there will no longer be an opensuse LTS releases like 13.1 or 11.4, there will only be an 18 month supported (12+6) LEAP build,
    seeing how LEAP is SLE12-SP-X based and SLE12 will get SP's annually I see no problem in upgrading your OS once a year SLE users will install Service Packs annually openSUSE users can do a live upgrade of LEAP annually, for thoose who do not know you can upgrade LEAP without repartitioning or reinstalling you can even do a live upgrade with zypper dup.

    ps I didn't read that article as I don't speak German and google/binq translate usually reads as a kids notebook.

    edit I tried google translate and afaik openSUSE regularly updates GIMP, audicity and a ton of other programs, but we openSUSE users usually get our multimedia apps like audacity and vlc from packman
    and as you can see packman offers updates to those packages for already discontinued openSUSE builds like 12.1 or 11.4

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    Thanks for the answer.

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    I am not seeing this as a problem with opensuse.

    Hmm, I just installed kubuntu. But, not to worry. That's only for testing anyway. I don't plan on keeping it long term.
    openSUSE Leap 15.1; KDE Plasma 5;
    testing Leap 15.2Alpha

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