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Thread: How to install different DE

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    Default How to install different DE

    I installed KDE on installing opensuse. I wish to try another DE such as gnome. How does on accomplish that?
    I looked in yast2 and see patterns, that show the other DE, but am unsure which files to install, and how to make a boot selector (session selector?)

    JOhn KIlbert

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    Yast software management.

    Select the "patterns" view.

    Then select Gnome Desktop Environment (or whatever it is called in Tumbleweed -- I'm looking at it from Leap at present).

    That's it. That will select all of the recommended components for Gnome. You get to decide for yourself on the optional components (hint: you can add those later if a need arises).
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    Default Re: How to install different DE

    Thank you. I hoped it was that simple.

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    Default Re: How to install different DE

    Quote Originally Posted by kilbert View Post
    Thank you. I hoped it was that simple.
    Once the Desktop pattern is installed, you do need to logout, enter your username in the greeter (kdm,gdm,sddm?), then there should be a dropdown to select the desktop of your choice, eg GNOME, KDE etc...
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